Gordon Wellard Septet play Art Blakey


Date: 1 October 2024
End Date: 1 October 2024
Type: open

TIME: 8.00 – 11.00PM

TICKETS  – £14

Aldevis Tivaldi tenor
Jamie O Donnell alto
Henry Collins trumpet
Olli Martin trombone
Nick Tomalin Piano
Alex Keen double bass
Gordon Wellard drums


To celebrate Gordon’s 70th birthday (no I don’t believe it !!) he brings his septet back to East Side to play Art Blakey  with a repertoire that concentrates on the material from the last of the great Messengers band. Its material by Donald Harrison , Geoff Keezer , James Williams and Brian Lynch. The arrangements were sent to Gordon by Geoff Keezer who has sent him another arrangement specifically for this show

Expect an evening of powerful hard bop